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Letter to the editor: Ginella campaign literature implies endorsement not awarded from former judge

Posted Oct 11, 2019 at 6:54 AM

I had the privilege of serving this county as a common pleas and municipal court judge for 18 years. Andy Ginella, a candidate for Massillon Municipal Court, has published a piece of campaign literature containing unauthorized written assertions.

Mr. Ginella asserted he was “trusted” by Canton Municipal Court judges, with my name and a list of others, as if we all trusted Mr. Ginella.

Mr. Ginella did work for Canton Municipal Court in the early 1990s. And, while there are a number of descriptive terms I could use to describe Mr. Ginella’s performance during the period I was on the bench, “trusted” is not one of those terms. True to Mr. Ginella’s character, he did not ask my permission, nor that of two of the other judges, before publishing this piece of propaganda.

In tandem with the reckless and misleading assertions proffered by Mr. Ginella, the manner in which the piece is laid out — with a green check mark next to the various municipal judges listed — is a clear implication that those named have endorsed Mr. Ginella for the race. I do not.

I have been around campaign politics for 42 years. Some tougher than others. But I have never witnessed a candidate publish a piece of campaign literature with such inappropriate implication in those 42 years. And without the common courtesy of asking permission.

Whether you vote for Mr. Ginella is your call, but if one gives up honesty, courage and personal integrity to win the job, I wonder what the candidate would give up to keep the job.


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